The end of normal times is near. When the general population is finally confronted with the truth they will panic because it will be too late to make any meaningful changes

So much is happening these days that it is hard for the average person to keep up. There are a number of situations developing around the world that we need to pay attention to.

Water aquifers and surface supplies are rapidly dwindling in the U.S. and are causing potential shortages in the southern mid-west and Californias’ Central valley. These two areas produce most of our vegetables and grain. Weather patterns are changing and seem to be reverting to patterns seen in the 1930’s which caused the dreaded dust bowl. Many of our rivers and lakes are now so polluted they are permanent dead zones for sea life. This potential water shortage is becoming more of a reality every year. Without water, nothing lives or grows, it’s as simple as that. As this problem becomes more pronounced, rationing will give way to fighting over the dwindling resource. This fighting will go from local to international in scope and everyone will be touched by it.

Genetically modified foods are touted as the cure all for higher crop yields yet the research shows that GM seeds produce no more than Non-GM seeds. These new seeds are modified to produce their own pesticides in some cases and these chemicals are still present when they go into our mouth. Some of these seeds are modified to resist new weed killers that can be applied liberally to fields. Some scientists are now claiming that this over use of weed killers are producing super weeds. Some of these weed killers are now linked to colony Collapse Disorder which is killing off most of our bees. Without bees to pollinate some crops, the yields drop substantially. Monsantos’ answer to this problem was to buy the research firm doing bee research and kill the bad publicity. These GM crops are also being linked to some health problems now prevalent in people. GM crops which are so widely used in the U.S. now are cross pollinating with heritage crops causing untold damage to the natural seeds beneficial qualities and destroying their reproductive capabilities. Once all of the heritage seeds have been contaminated our ability to save seeds and produce healthy crops will be destroyed forever.

Next to food and water one of the linchpins of modern civilization is electricity. With our ever increasing need for energy to run all of our electronic gadgets we leave ourselves open to a disaster of epic proportions by not taking the threat of a grid down situation seriously. Cyber warfare or an enemy EMP can send us 100 years into the past very quickly. Many take for granted the systems we rely on daily for our most basic needs. Food, water, transportation and communications rely on a carefully choreographed system of electronics to transport and distribute the things we need and any disruption of the delivery system can be catastrophic. It would only take a few days without electricity to cause discomfort and a few weeks to cause general desperation by most of the population. It’s been said that a year after an EMP 90% of the U.S. population would be dead. Too few Americans have the skills or infrastructure to care for themselves like our ancestors. Cyber terrorists and unfriendly governments around the world target the U.S. power grid on a daily basis looking for weak links and planting worms and back doors for later deployment. Our SCADA systems are not as secure as they should be and our enemies know it. In the opening hours of hostilities a potential enemy could shut down most of our systems causing untold physical damage to systems. In the event of an EMP laydown, the war would effectively be over as far as we are concerned. The nation could not wage war while simultaneously trying to provide basic necessities and maintain order for its’ entire population due to a failure of the distribution system. We have the knowledge to harden our systems to prevent this from happening but we fail to take the threat seriously. This is one of the few ways this nation could lose a war.

The U.S. has allowed itself to build a house of cards consisting of a fiat currency. History has shown that every fiat currency ever created has collapsed. The politicians print money to buy votes and the citizens happily support it in order to ride the gravy train to happiness. Americans lack of historical knowledge keeps them blind to the end result of this process and insures the end will be chaotic and destructive. As more money is printed the price of goods goes up and the buying power and standard of living goes down, until one day everything comes to a casualty producing halt. When this type of process happens it can take decades to repair the damage to the national economy and political change can result in a dramatic loss of freedoms.

All of these disasters share three things in common. They are man made. They are being covered up to some extent by corporations and governments. They will have a disastrous effect on large populations around the world when they happen and the truth becomes known.

Our air, water, financial and physical health and food supply are being contaminated and destroyed. The pillars of our technology are at risk We have the capability to fix these things but those that know the truth refuse to even acknowledge the problem and one has to ask why? Some disasters are beyond mans control but these are self inflicted injuries and we need to ask why? Who will benefit from these destructive acts? Why would we do this to ourselves and posterity?

Anyone that finds these things alarming should take precautions now to limit the damage to their family in the coming years. Buying or building filtering systems for your air and water, putting aside some heritage seeds for future use and taking steps to preserve your wealth are just some of the things you need to consider now while you still have the ability to shape future outcomes for your family. The end of normal times is near. When the general population is finally confronted with the truth they will panic because it will be too late to make any meaningful changes and resources will be in short supply. When the population panics, don’t be part of the group. Be some place safe.

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