If The Day Comes When The Hospitals Are Closed or Overcrowded Due to a Major Disaster, We’ll be in Big Trouble

Hospitals Are Closed

Some of the most incredible advances of the modern age have been in the field of medicine. When we get hurt, we just go to the hospital and a doctor treats us. But as we’ve become more dependent on hospitals, we have forgotten how to deal with many health conditions and injuries on our own. If the day comes when the hospitals are closed or overcrowded due to a major disaster, we’ll be in big trouble.

It does not have to be big wound to get you into the trouble. When SHTF small cut can kill (literally). In world where there is no proper medical care you need to be ready to deal with problems like this.
During my SHTF time there were lots of troubles with wound infections. Everything from minor cuts to bullet wounds had chance to be infected.

We treated infected wounds with what we had, over time with less and less resources it mostly became simple water cleaning, and local mixtures of things for treating infections. Recipes were different, from pine pieces to onions on wounds and similar, and of course local alcohol beverages.

Sometimes we had antibiotics, mostly we did not. Results were very random. What worked for one guy sometimes did not work for someone else. Some people died, others became crippled.

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For future SHTF scenarios I suggest to learn as more as you can about wound treatment.

  • How to clean and close wound and how to use antibiotics on proper way.
  • Remember that simply procedures like wound closing with steri strips can save you lot of troubles later, of course as more as you know (suturing, staples) it is better, and do not fall under the influence of movies, for example no, tourniquet is NOT always best choice for bleeding (mostly it is last), and simple covering of the wound with sterile 4×4 can do miracles later for preventing infections.
  • Store normal saline, iodine, peroxide and similar for wound treatment.
  • Learn how to do pain management, I did it many times with simple alcohol drink, it does not work well always. Again forget about movies.
  • Good advice to know how to use what you have, having needle and sutures without knowledge does not make too much sense.
  • Do not blindly follow advertisements about „miracle first aid kit for all SHTF troubles“ you may end up with useless stuff in nice cammo bag. Like in all areas of life today, people try to also sell snake oil and miracle solutions in survival area. Knowledge is king.

Of course there is good stuff around to buy, but be sure to check what you get, good idea is to ask your friend who is in medical field what you actually gonna get in that kit, or even better to assemble your own.

Food (and water) poisoning

You can be sure that sooner or later you will have to deal with this. It is not only dangerous to be crippled with diarrhoea and vomiting because at the end it can kill you, but also it can make you so weak that you can not perform your duties.

In SHTF that means that you are too weak to defend yourself, or to go out and gather resources and similar, and that is bad. Again, thats why groups are important and lone wolfs have odds against them.

I think that everyone was poisoned with bad food or water at least once during my SHTF time. We dealt with it with teas and simply trying to give the person more water than he is losing it.
There were casualties of course, mostly very old or very young.

First line of defense would be hygiene. Be very serious with it when SHTF. Have plan how to keep yourself and your home (and food and water) clean when SHTF. It is much better to think more about preventing that stuff to happen by how you store your food and handle it instead of having great first aid kit to treat the problems.

If you’d like to discover even more edible wild plants, we suggest checking out the  “Backyard Pharmacy” and “The Lost Book Of Remedies

Mistake that people often make in case of diarrhoea and vomiting is that they try to consume too much water too fast and that causes more harm than good. Point is to consume fluids very slowly and in small amounts. For example one sip of fluids every 20 minutes or similar, take rest and be careful with water and food intake in next 24 hours.

Already sick people

I know many people think that when we experience breakdown of system and total collapse everything will be about adrenaline, fighting, chaos and blood.

This is part of it, but mostly, especially in first weeks people who lived with small conditions are going to experience them much worse. Think about what small problems you might have at the moment that can become huge if you have to live survival lifestyle with heavy physical work every day, maybe lack of sleep, extreme stress and less hygiene. Problems will be multiplied many times.

For example your uncle had high blood pressure for years, he is on pills, and his family tries to „force“ him to eat healthy, and it is working more or less, but every now and then he ends up in emergency room because his blood pressure goes dangerously up. When SHTF what is the plan to regulate his high BP, and for how long you have stash of pills for him? Or how he is gonna be able to eat healthy or similar when SHTF? From my experience in survival situations, these people are the first to go.

Solution could be to try to regulate his blood pressure today as good as you can, to have stashed good amount of medication for him, and of course to learn everything about alternative means of treating that condition (with herbs for example). Point is to do all this today, because when SHTF you may not have chance or enough time for that.

As heartless as it sounds but also think about what to do with people who are against prepping today and who you know will run into serious problems once normal system is not there to support them anymore. Who will be angry and cause problems in your group if you simply decide to leave that sick uncle to his fate? At some point you have to know when train is full and you are leaving and it makes sense to think about this before.

How do you prepare for diseases? Besides first aid kit(s), what plans do you have?

A lot of preppers have this idea that when a disaster strikes, they’ll just bug out to a rural area. They think they’ll be safe in an area with so few people. highly recommend you to watch this free survival video that reveals 3 of the most important skills to overcome any disaster.

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2 thoughts on “If The Day Comes When The Hospitals Are Closed or Overcrowded Due to a Major Disaster, We’ll be in Big Trouble

  1. Great article.. Here is a song I’m recording ( yes, its a little long)…


    I see collapse in every nation
    dollar’s droppin – hyperinflation
    panic in the streets, riot police
    beatin down the crowds

    stir the crowds, incite and frighten
    shame and blame and purge all white men
    everybody else a victim
    in this united states of socialism

    The grand façade of mainstream news
    program, pacify, confuse
    Distract, Indulge and entertain
    the masses dumb and numb their – brain

    while marshal law, fema troops
    buyin ammo, cans of soup
    they’ll send yall to camps and you’ll comply
    as long as they have free wifi

    Fish are dieing, birds ain’t flyin
    somethin weirds goin down
    really not surprising
    when you think of all the crazy things we’ve done

    well this world we made is goin to heck
    but I think we’ve brought it on our neck
    hundred ways we could bite the dust
    or the dust just might bite us

    wildfires, tidal waves
    tornados, flooding, hurricanes
    volcano’s spittin continents splitting
    oceans dieing……forrests fryin

    famine, drought and on and on it goes
    earthquakes on the new madrid,
    yellowstone could blow it’s lid,
    san andreas might be next they say

    epa tax and regulates
    while theyre filling the air with toxic sprays
    Does anyone look up to see the haze?

    while their bombing skies with poison rains
    no one notice, thinks it strange
    they’re killin air and oceans
    puttin wheels in motions
    planetary changes
    There will be no slowin

    Fish are dieing, birds ain’t flyin
    somethin weirds goin down
    really not surprising
    when you think of all the crazy things we’ve done

    does anybody think… that we’re on the brink
    can anyone explain ….why the world has gone insane
    is there anyone left to tell – we’re on the road to hell?

    markets crashin… looters trashin
    terrorists again attackin
    just a normal day on cable news

    people look for one to lead us
    antichrists come to decieve us
    power hungry jezebels and phds abound

    playin ignorance and fear
    to stay in power, profiteer
    proclaiming peace where there is none found

    but policies don’t matter much
    when everybodys out of touch
    with truth and reason, wrong and right
    insanity is the new enlightened

    well this just in – experts think
    normal people soon extinct
    high court rules common sense a crime

    they’re adding new ammendments
    to laws of nature and the 10 commandments
    remove the cross and all the others
    light the whitehouse in rainbow colors

    fish are dieing, fields are fryin
    somethin weirds goin down
    really not surprising
    when you think of all the crazy things weve done

    does anybody think… that we’re on the brink
    can anyone explain ….why the world has gone insane
    is there anyone left to tell – we’re on the road to hell?

    pledge allegiance to this flag
    for which our fathers bled and died
    so we could now enjoy the rights of this modern age

    freedom from religion
    purging all judeo-christian
    while tolerant of every flavor
    of freakish, deviant behavior

    we honor all the most disdained
    take pride in what once was shamed
    change the laws of God and nature
    swap your organs choose your gender

    here’s to the new face of bravery
    moms guard the right to kill to their babies
    and men and men in matrimony
    what the heck are people smokin?

    bow to the state-approved religion
    politically correct, the new dominion
    don’t resist re-education
    we’ll mark you a homophobe, a hater

    yes old glory ..still it waves
    oer this new land of debris, home of depraved
    when there’s nothin left worth to save
    it’s gonna all come down

    but we don’t need more education
    multi-cultural indoctrination
    outlaw prayer, now a pagan nation
    under Gods indignation

    well fish are dieing, birds ain’t flyin
    somethin weirds goin down
    really not surprising
    when you think of all the crazy things we’ve done

    does anybody think… that we’re on the brink
    can anyone explain ….why the world has gone insane
    is there anyone left to tell – we’re on the road to hell?

    does anybody care?
    That were stupid, crazy, foolish, lazy
    shameless, arrogant and greedy
    idolize the vain and sleezy
    self-indulgence, unbridled
    don’t you know we’re all entitled?
    but we’re gonna pay the price
    for the things we left behind

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